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Aussies care more about home’s pet-friendliness than living close to friends


The New Daily
A new survey has found Australians prioritise pets over friends when looking for a new home...

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Here’s what happened to the rental markets around Australia last month


Property Update
Want to know what’s happened to the rental property markets over the last month? Rental property website has released its report for October 2019, based on property leasing data...

Visit website article launches interest-free period through RentBond product


Property Portal Watch has recently announced changes to boost its leading bond payment product, offering new interest-free and fee free period to help rents when moving between houses...

Visit website article implements new product to take the pain out of rental bonds


Australian rental property website has broadened the appeal of its already market-leading bond payment product RentBond, by adding a new interest and fee-free period to help more renters get relief from the cash squeeze when moving between properties...

Visit website article announces interest-free period for RentBond


Elite Agent
Rental property website has announced changes to broaden the appeal of its flagship bond payment product, adding a new interest-free and fee-free period to give renters some cash relief when moving between properties...

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Fair Go Finance supports innovation for - introducing a new interest-free bridging finance product for RentBond


PR Wire
As a result of collaboration with (ASX:RNT), Fair Go Finance has delivered an innovative product, addressing the cash flow squeeze people have when moving between properties...

Visit website article will let you “Move now, pay later” — will it work?


The Market Herald (RENT) has introduced a "move now, pay later" scheme to attract millennial renters across Australia...

Visit website article cuts losses by nearly $6m, says big rivals operate ‘defensively’


Rental website has boosted full-year revenue by 41 per cent and cut its losses by nearly $6 million...

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Renting is becoming more affordable for the average Australian

The New Daily

A boost in the supply of rental properties has led to a slight drop in rents – but lower-income households are still doing it tough...

Visit website article Matching renters to ideal houses and suburbs with Google Maps Platform

Google Cloud

With Google Maps Platform, gives renters the ability to view the location of properties, nearby facilities, and suburbs in an easy, intuitive way, positioning the business to become the number one online destination for renters in Australia...

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Partnership gives renters a fair go with bond

Renters will be empowered with greater financial flexibility and convenience when funding their next rental bond thanks to a joint venture between Australia’s leading rental property website and a finance company...

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Fair Go Finance partners with Australia’s leading rental property website


Australian Fin Tech
Fair Go Finance has partnered with (ASX: RNT) to develop and fund convenient financial products aimed at more than 600,000 renters who visit RENT’s App and website each month...

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Who Aussie renters are voting for this election


Property Observer
New data from the rental property website has revealed what’s on the minds of renters ahead of the 2019 Federal Election...

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“Affordable housing is also a priority.” But what’s really in the 2019 budget for home buyers?
There is a $300 million increase in funds for social housing, but the 2019 budget is light on policies to help housing affordability...

Visit website article CEO: “30% of our population rents. It’s not an easy experience.”
We chat with CEO Greg Bader about the current state of the market, big mistakes landlords make and how renting is going to change...

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