About Us

We're building a world where renting is rewarding

There's a lot to love about renting, like flexibility to move in, move up or move on as life changes. Or the freedom to do things you love doing, rather than things your home needs done.

For the millions of Australians who choose to rent, our goal is simple; to make renting an awesome alternative to home owenrship.

by reimaginging the renting experience

By putting renters' needs front and centre we're giving renters greater control of their entire renting experience.

to create Australia's most empowered rental community,

From search features that help renters find the best rentals for them, to products and services that make the renting experience easier, we're committed to making renters feel heard, supported and optimistic about renting.

because we're for renters.

Our respect runs deep for our entire community, and for each other.

Our passion and collective talents, along with our "never settle" attitude and love of technology, give us the confidence we need to make a difference to renting and renters lives.

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